I’m A Business Leader

Building neighborhoods and helping the community only serves to increase the quality of life in Central Florida. If you’re a business leader, partnering with housd can increase your employee’s happiness, reduce turnover, and improve your business.


Studies show that longer commutes contribute to depression, decreased health, and unnecessary stress. By partnering with us and providing funding, you can help provide low-cost housing to your employees that is close to work and decrease their frustration caused by long, difficult commutes.


With a better commute and a good and stable place to live, employees can focus more on your business.


Currently, we are working on a project in Kissimmee. We’re planning to create homes next to the Sunrail stop to ensure people have easy access to public transportation to downtown.


If you think you would like to invest in a project similar to our current project, or you have ideas about your own, we would love to hear your ideas and work with you. Please contact us about a potential partnership.