Government leaders have a chance to be part of the regional housing strategy led by Housd. Help us by partnering on development, providing land and funding, and addressing the need for good homes and broader community development in your area.


Having an experienced nonprofit partner can provide access to many resources to diversify your development projects.  We can provide land trust services when desirable, as well as attracting both policy and funding incentives, while handling back-end compliance.  And we are your key partner on community outreach and engagement, and community development programs.


We are always looking for good partners in real estate, architecture, engineering, construction who are looking for a triple bottom line return, economically, environmentally, and socially.


If you think housing or other community development would help you better serve the mission of your social service agency, church, or other nonprofit, we can work with you to develop the right mix.  This works especially well for nonprofits who have land but need a fellow nonprofit with real estate development expertise to guide them through the process or partner to build something that helps advance their mission.

Community Leaders
and Residents

We’re here to help your community brings its vision for its future to life. We’re ready to listen. How can we help you?

Businesses and Business Organizations

If our region doesn’t have the right mix of homes for your employees, it gets harder and harder to attract and retain employees at wages that employers can afford – and so we can’t grow jobs, businesses, and our regional economy.  Let’s talk about how to align resources and strategies so our businesses and their employees can thrive.