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New Date — Free COVID Testing Available in Parramore

Free COVID-19 Testing Available in Parramore

free COVID-19 testing in Parramore, Orlando

Brookings: Tackling race inequalities in health and housing

The Brookings Institution “Big Ideas for America” series recently featured the vital topic of racial inequalities in health and housing. A short excerpt: “Despite undeniable progress since the civil rights era, the gulf that separates black and white Americans remains vast. This chapter reviews the reasons for this stubborn race gap, focusing in particular on

City of Orlando: 2018 Green Works Community Action Plan

In 2018, the City of Orlando updated its 2013 Green Works sustainability plan to revise its original baseline assessments and introduce new strategies. They also celebrated a variety of milestones, including achievements which improved the lives of people in Orlando neighborhoods such as: Expanded more than 25 miles of sidewalks and built two new multi-use

Habitat for Humanity: Bringing innovation to affordable housing

“A device that provides solar-generated electricity to power houses in remote areas. A low-cost building material made from used toothpaste tubes and other recyclables. A wastewater treatment system for individual homes. A group of emerging entrepreneurs from Mexico has been sharing and brainstorming about these and other innovations to deliver affordable homes, clean water and

CNN: What Washington could actually do to make housing more affordable

Increasing federal housing subsidies. Discouraging local over-regulation. Decreasing construction costs. What can the federal government do to make housing more affordable? CNN reports: “”This is something that now feels very much like a crisis moment,” says Ali Solis, the president of Make Room, a two-year-old group that advocates for renters. “The bottom line is, there

Shimberg Center: Florida’s Affordable Housing Needs

Key findings Single-family home prices nearly doubled in the first half of the 2000s. These gains disappeared during the recession, but prices are beginning to return to the boom years’ strength. Florida’s median single-family home price rose 79% from 2000 ($172,239) to 2006 ($309,077), adjusted to 2018 dollars for inflation. It then fell to $170,666 in

OBJ: How this CEO keeps people in affordable homes during pandemic

The Orlando Business Journal has highlighted the efforts of local CEOs to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Shannon Nazworth of Ability Housing. A short excerpt: “In the end, this is a crisis that has been a long time brewing. If anything, it’s highlighted the systemic issues we’ve had. If you don’t have a place