Housd (also known as the Central Florida Regional Housing Trust) is an affiliate of Bright Community Trust that was created specifically to lead the regional conversation on housing access and affordability.
  • We are envisioning a better future for housing in Central Florida. More families should have the chance to live in a home they love, at a price that fits comfortably in their budget. And the conversation can’t stop with just talking about homes.


  • We need to talk about the jobs that give people a chance to live in a home they love.


  • We need to talk about the education you need to get that job.


  • We need to talk about nutritious food, quality childcare, optimal medical care, and many more factors because we want to create lasting systemic change.

Housing is at a crossroads in our community. And we see a bright path where we act with a strong, shared purpose, weaving in the growth that is our strength.

Every city has a moment when they could act and change their future.

This is our moment.