We hope to create the houses needed in our community for everyone in our community to be in a home they love near everything they need. While we are working on that goal, we’re moving forward with our efforts and projects in community development and engagement.


2020 has seen some unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our community in ways that will continue to affect us for years to come. With many people losing their jobs, we created a food-delivery system for those that were the most affected. Food is a basic need and having food means that they have one less thing to worry about during this difficult time.

COVID-19 Testing has been a huge challenge during this pandemic. There aren’t enough testing sites to administer tests to everyone who needs them, so we partnered with the Central Florida Urban League to set up pop-up COVID-19 testing sites so we can help our community be safer for everyone. We serviced over 100 community members with free COVID-19 rapid testing.

The Census

The deadline for participating in the 2020 Census was moved from October 31 to September 30, giving people less time to participate. It’s incredibly important for everyone to participate in the Census because the results influence many important decisions for the community.

We created an ad hoc task force to improve the Census participation rates in Parramore and West Lakes. We created a Census-A-Thon event with weekly drawings for prizes to incentivize residents in completing their census forms.